Secure Communication

Cyber security has become of paramount concern for anybody in the data transfer and data protection space owing to the expansion of global connectivity. Data are invaluable assets and currencies. A secure data network – through which sensitive information can be securely transferred – is an absolute imperative for business, commercial and private users. LiFi offers a far more secure and harder-to-hack wireless networking option than WiFi because it utilises light waves that cannot pass through walls or other solid obstacles. LiFi ensures easier control of who is on your network and prevents uninvited remote access if installed and utilised correctly. LiFi allows you to precisely partition your environment and to tightly control who or what has access to your networks.


WIRELESS NETWORKING HAS NEVER BEEN FASTER, MORE SECURE OR MORE RELIABLE THAN IT IS WITH LiFi. Utilising the visible light spectrum to communicate data, places LiFi in the unique position of guaranteeing that your network achieves far more in respect of cyber security, data densities, bandwidth capacity and download and upload speeds than traditional WiFi.

The Internet of Things (IOT) is expected to introduce and connect 20 billion IOT devices by 2020 and 70 billion by 2023. IOT communication will effect exponentially more data transfer communication across a wider network than has ever been possible.

LiFi will ensure that you can enjoy high-speed, uninterrupted networking in an efficient and secure manner, unlike any other existing data transfer technology.

Underwater Communication

Radio Frequencies and SONAR are the current traditional mediums used for underwater communications. However, it is estimated that a light signal can travel approximately half of the distance through clear water as it would over the air.

Because LiFi is uninhibited by the conductivity of water, the use of LiFi for any underwater communications between underwater vehicles, data hubs, submarines and divers significantly improves the security and data rates being transmitted between devices and also achieves a connectable distance far beyond those reached with traditional Radio Frequencies.

Smart Lighting

Virtually any LED lighting infrastructure allows for the establishment of a wireless LiFi communication network. That LiFi network can provide added value which yields enhanced efficiency and control. Virtually any LED light can be converted into an access point that forms part of a LiFi network and each light will have a unique IP address, allowing facilities and IT managers the ability to harness the power of a small cell network.

LiFi Smart Cities

LiFi can enable the realisation of truly smart cities. Street lights, building lights and transportation lighting can all communicate wirelessly. Therefore, LiFi can dramatically relieve public wireless congestion as an offloading facility for radio frequencies, simply by changing general street lights into LED lights.

Vehicle Communication

LED headlights, tail-lights and interior lights are rapidly being incorporated in all motor vehicles. Street lamps, signage, traffic lights and light signals are also being manufactured incorporating LED technology. This allows for vehicle-tovehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communications. An added benefit will be improved road safety and traffic management.

Smart Home and Lifestyle

LiFi in the home will enable simple, secure, reliable and robust wireless communications. LiFi can offer data aggregation and wireless similar to the enterprise environment. Smart homes can be truly wireless and users can intuitively understand the best coverage locations by seeing the light. Home users need no longer worry about “Middle Man” attacks as they can now simply draw curtains or close blinds and shut doors to secure their LiFi wireless network.

LiFi in Hospitals and HealthCare Facilities

LiFi can also play a major role in healthcare because it offers an unprecedented opportunity for connectivity in a safe and secure manner. As LiFi does not emit electromagnetic interference, it does not interfere with electrical and electronic medical equipment.

Enterprise Wireless Solutions

LiFi networks for daily work, conference streaming, remote desktops and video conferencing can provide an enhanced user experience with the confidence of robust security. The directionality of light propagation can effectively reduce interference in heavy populated offices.