pureLiFi, as technology inventors and innovators, are constantly developing fantastic, mind-blowing new products and applications to meet and exceed market needs and expectations.

LiFi-XC Access Point

The LiFi-XC Access Point, acting in conjunction with the pureLiFi driver, your router and an LED lighting fixture, converts electronic radio frequency data to light wave frequency data that are then transferred to the LiFi-XC Station that is inserted into your PC, laptop, tablet or USB-compatible device.

  • The Access Point is compatible with a wide range of LED light fixtures, fittings and luminaires
  • The Access Point can be either surface or recess-mounted for proper ceiling integration
  • The Access Point is designed to fit your backhaul infrastructure and supports both a direct mains power line and POE (Power Over Ethernet) options
  • The Access Point is easy to install alongside an existing LED lighting network

LiFi-XC Station

The LiFi-XC Station resembles a standard USB dongle and plugs directly into your laptop, desktop, tablet or USB-compatible device and is a primary component of the technology that converts light emitted from an LED source into electronic data.

  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Lightweight at 43 grams
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 devices
  • Supports Windows 10, Window 7, Linux and Mac OS operating systems
  • High performance optics with a 60 degree beam angle