The demand for data in this information age of global connectivity is growing exponentially. The applications of WiFi technology have been myriad and world-changing, but this has seen us rapidly reach the point where available data capacity is now falling short of our needs. This fact means that the capacity for the transfer of that data is reaching its radio frequency bandwidth limits.

We are undoubtedly and scientifically proven to be heading towards what is being called the Spectrum Crunch i.e. there will be insufficient radio frequency bandwidth to meet our WiFi data transfer needs.

Enter LiFi, Light Fidelity, the revolutionary, mind-blowing technology that will prove to be BEYOND DISRUPTIVE™. LiFi dramatically and effectively completely changes the data transfer environment as we know it.

Instead of radio frequencies, LiFi utilises the exponentially larger visible light spectrum frequencies by merging LiFi with solid-state LED lighting, a combination of technologies that succeeds in delivering a far faster, a far more secure and a far more efficient wireless internet data transfer medium or platform than even the best WiFi connection.


There are many applications and associated commercial opportunities for LiFi technology. These include:



Maverick Specialist Enterprises

Bringing You Light Speed Connectivity

Maverick Specialist Enterprises (MSE) is the exclusive sales, marketing and distribution agent for the pureLiFi range of products throughout South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. pureLiFi, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is the acknowledged global leader in LiFi technology and is at the forefront of the development of light communications technology solutions. This fact perfectly positions MSE to be a part of the solution that will allow users of the pureLiFi product range to effectively and efficiently combat the critical challenges posed by the rapidly diminishing bandwidth capacity of contemporary wireless technology. It does this by providing an extremely secure, reliable, bi-directional, high-speed, full duplex, fully-networked internet data transfer technology that is in the process of revolutionising and forever changing internet data communication as we know it.